New York Bee Sanctuary will complement its onsite programs with a policy and advocacy platform for ensuring the protection of pollinators in New York State and beyond.

The advocacy program will build on the existing momentum of national campaigns and seek to partner with them where useful. NYBS will also mobilize its supporters to participate in citizen campaigns for pollinator conservation. This will include signing digital petitions, sending letters, attending public forums, and submitting comments to relevant agencies during public debate on policies related to pollinators (pesticides, land use, etc.).

Additionally, NYBS will work to educate New York politicians on issues related to pollinator conservation. This will be conducted through dialogues with scientists, farmers, beekeepers, and other stakeholders, with the goal of establishing Pollinator Caucuses of informed advocates who can implement Pollinator Protection Plans at their level of government.

NYBS will also create an online resource of people, ideas, and organizations related to pollinator conservation and the policies that support it. A working group of local advocates will be formed as a Hive Mind for coordinating pollinator protection strategy in New York State. The goal will be to facilitate communication and multistakeholder engagement around issues such as farm spraying and its timing related to bee activity.

These activities will be conducted consistent with the National Strategy for protecting pollinators that was presented by President Obama’s Pollinator Health Task Force in May 2015.