The Land

New York Bee Sanctuary will be located on up to 100 acres of land, approximately two hours from New York City, in or near Catskill Park with its rich natural resources and clean water.

Using permaculture principles, we will plant the sanctuary with a broad variety of bee- and pollinator-friendly flowers, endangered fruit trees, and berry bushes. These polyculture gardens will provide ongoing food supply to bees and other pollinators.

New York Bee Sanctuary is actively seeking land through purchase, donation, lease, or partnership. If you are able to contribute to our growth in this way, please contact us.

The Hives and Houses

Honey bees will be housed in various types of hives including langstroth and top-bar hives, managed naturally. Wild bees and other pollinators will have access to a range of insect houses designed to facilitate their reproduction, protection, and winter housing.

Sanctuary features

  • Habitat for New York State’s 60+ native bee species
  • 50+ species of native flowers
  • 25+ varieties of apple, pear, peach, and cherry trees
  • 20+ raspberry, blackberry, and blueberry bushes
  • A medicinal herb garden
  • Bio-composting (worm composting)
  • Solar-powered classrooms for visits, demonstrations, and study
  • Solar wax melter that purifies beeswax from hives
  • Equipment for beekeeping, gardening, and site maintenance
  • Demonstrations of natural honey collection
  • Demonstrations of permaculture gardening
  • A research center to study honey bees
  • A “scientific” sculpture, as an icon for the sanctuary
  • A boutique selling honey and NYBeeS-related items
  • Retreat cabins for ecotourists
  • AND a passionate team of scientists, beekeepers, and volunteers!

Design Concept