A key factor in the health and sustainability of honey bees and wild pollinators is the availability of nutritious flowering plants.

Too often human land use excludes bees or degrades their ability to survive, through urbanization, monocrop agriculture with pesticides, or habitat fragmentation.

That's why New York Bee Sanctuary is supporting WILDFLOWER BOOM movement, an initiative led by Chloe Noorgard & Cole Miller.


Chloe Norgaard has loved wildflowers since living in Texas when she was three, where her parents would find her eating flowers in the garden. Her mom would take her and her brother for picnics in fields of wildflowers. Lately she has been spending a lot of time in cities and noticed that one big thing is missing: NATURE! Chloe's wish is to see colors, plants, and flowers everywhere, not only for the aesthetic value but also for the benefit of the Earth and its inhabitants, especially the bees!

Chloe has graced runways and magazines internationally and is now studying at The New School. She loves to travel and she loves colors (which is evident in her ever-changing array of colors in her hair). Chloe invites you to plant flowers EVERYWHERE, while making this world a brighter, happier, and flourishing habitat for the bees and all Mother Nature's beautiful creatures.


After attending School of Visual Arts for advertising, Cole leveraged his experiences and connections to form Radar Catering in partnership with Radar Entertainment, a leading NYC brand marketing firm. Cole served as executive food & beverage director, managing and producing high-profile events for Fortune 500 companies. Cole has also contributed to the launch and operations of The House restaurant, a highly successful neighborhood favorite in Manhattan’s Gramercy Park.

In addition, Cole runs his own freelance consultancy offering: food & beverage, production, branding, sponsorship, public relations, marketing, and design services. Some of Cole's brand relationships include: Rolls Royce, LVMH, Google, Showtime, Hugo Boss, Gramercy Park Hotel, Converse, Hasbro, and Coachella Music Festival.

Currently, following an entrepreneurial spirit, he is working on an International Arts Club concept in Cartagena, Colombia, a new start-up developing an innovative honey product, and Wildflower Boom with New York Bee Sanctuary.

CREDIT:   Osmia taurus  , by treegoat, © 2015.

CREDIT: Osmia taurus, by treegoat, © 2015.