The New York Bee Sanctuary BEE-SAFE Certification designates schools, community gardens, parks, public and private grounds, as well as cities and towns as bee-friendly environments in New York State and across the country. BEE-SAFE Certification promotes planting pollinator-safe flowers and plants, eliminating use of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides and adopting safer IPM (Integrated Pest Management) practices.

Together we are creating a massive distributed garden to conserve habitat and increase healthy and safe forage for our honey bees and other pollinators. These sites will act as satellite sanctuaries and extend the reach of our mission. Everyone will be able to enjoy the fruits of a more beautiful, colorful environment—especially the bees!

This program is open to the public and we hope as many people and organizations as possible will participate. As part of our launch strategy we are inviting all public schools in New York State, as well as a select group of project partners, to support our mission to save the bees and to establish on-site BEE-SAFE pollinator gardens. Schools, organizations, and individuals that register and meet certain criteria will be sent information and resources for recommended bee-attractive flowers and plants, materials on best practices for establishing a bee sanctuary and a BEE-SAFE Certificate from New York Bee Sanctuary.


Why to participate in this program

Honey Bees, Wild Bees & other pollinators (butterflies, etc) are losing habitat all around the world due to intensive
monoculture-based farming practices, pristine green (but flower-barren) sprawling suburban lawns, intensive use of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides, and from the destruction of native landscapes. Just planting flowers in your garden, yard, or in a planter will help provide those pollinators with a clean & safe source of food and habitat. 
Be sure to purchase only plants and flowers that are not treated with neonicotinoid or other pesticides and ask your local landscaping company, Home Depot and Lowe's to stop selling flowers and plants pre-treated with dangerous pesticides!

With the help of individuals, public institutions and corporations we will be able to make a positive contribution to this adversity and bring back the bees! Contributors or Participants will be taking a part in this massive program designed to conserve and increase pollinator-friendly natural environments full of beautiful wildflowers. The benefits are endless, from healthier fruits and vegetables to a more colorful and beautiful environment—especially for the bees.

By joining efforts with the NY Bee Sanctuary and planting and certifying your BEE-SAFE garden or grounds you will make a major impact in promoting conservation of our vital insect friends - since a healthy, sustainable ecosystem depends on pollination.

How to participate

Plant your own BEE-SAFE sanctuary, get it certified and pinned in a national map.
Any size planting area will be certified as long as few requirements are met.  Individuals, public spaces and corporations have shared requirements and some unique requirements in order to get certified.

Select your SITE TYPE

CREDIT:   Osmia taurus  , by treegoat, © 2015.

CREDIT: Osmia taurus, by treegoat, © 2015.