Permaculture, a combination of the words permanent and agriculture, is a design system for the land that harmoniously integrates humans, animals, plants, and the Earth to create sustainable and regenerative human environments. Unlike other organic and biodynamic farming systems, there is an ethical basis to permaculture that requires the care of the planet in order for all life to flourish.

The significance of bees within a permaculture system cannot be minimized or overlooked as they are the most important pollinators of our crops and food system. Therefore, it is vital that humans design a system that protects them and allows for their survival. 

New York Bee Sanctuary will consist of organically grown fields of wildflowers rich with nectar and pollen, cover crops, polyculture garden guilds, medicinal herb gardens, orchards and ponds and/or streams to provide fresh water.

The diversity of plants will ensure that bees can forage throughout the seasons, especially in autumn when the pollen will help them to maintain a strong immune system for the winter months. Autumn-blooming plants make it unnecessary to feed bees sugar syrup and pollen patties, enabling them to thrive naturally. It is during winter that the largest amounts of colonies collapse.