We are building a wildlife sanctuary for honey bees and pollinators in New York State, with programs to promote conservation of our vital insect friends all across the US.

Our Mission — C.A.R.E.

CONSERVE a pollinator-friendly natural environment full of beautiful wildflowers.

ADVOCATE for bees and create awareness about their importance in our daily lives.

RESEARCH colony collapse and create a hub for bee science in New York State.

EDUCATE students and the public through onsite, offsite, and online programs.

our origin — A vision in the mountains

In 2013, after growing an Internet company to over 150 employees, I decided to take a career break: a one-year trip to volunteer with humanitarian projects across the globe. That journey took me to Nepal to work with wild dogs in Kathmandu and monks in the Himalayas.

One day, while hiking through remote villages with a local guide, I saw a wild native bee on a flower. Like a strike of lightning I had the vision to open a bee sanctuary. I had been a beekeeper for a few years in the Catskills, mainly out of concern over colony collapse. But what I saw that day showed me I had to go further, to create a space where honey bees, native bees, and all pollinators could be protected, studied, and appreciated by the general public.

I vividly felt that if everyone could have more direct contact with bees, their understanding of the need to protect them would be crystal clear. Thus New York Bee Sanctuary was born that day, in Nepal, in the foothills of the Himalayas, and our journey continues.

Guillaume Gauthereau


New York Bee Sanctuary is in the process of applying for federal tax exemption under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. If we receive our federal tax exemption, it will be retroactive to January 2014.