Guillaume Gauthereau

Founder, PRESIDENT AND Chief executive officer

Guillaume is an entrepreneurial CEO igniting change. He believes businesses prosper and profit most when aligned with passion and purpose. His mission, to create a better world through leading socially minded businesses, is one he embraces every day. By taking action and keeping a well-balanced life he continues to thrive and has established himself not just as a successful CEO, entrepreneur, and business leader, but also as someone CEOs and institutions seek for advice and counsel. He is director of the board of the United Nation of Friends of UNFPA.

Helena Arlaud

Founder, secretary and director of development

Helena is licensed in psychology by the Autonoma Universidad de Madrid. She has lived in Brazil, Australia, and the United States where she completed additional studies in marketing, human resources, and events management. She has a professional background in luxury brands and consumer products with companies such as Chanel, Giorgio Armani, LVMH, and the Coca-Cola Company. Social entrepreneurship is at her heart and for the past decade she has worked with a series of organizations in order to bring awareness to their causes or to raise funds for their development. Some of these organizations include: Project RED, Women Project Organization, One Home Many Hopes, and Infinitive Impact Fund.



Marriott is an artist, art professor and climate activist passionate about learning from and protecting nature and ecosystems that sustain us. As a mother of three sons she realizes the need to take action for a livable planet for future generations and advocates for honeybees as a symbol of interdependence with all species. Marriott works as an art professor on the college level and as a creative coach. She was co-coordinator for the WE Campaign and organized Bee-in NYC in conjunction with the People's Climate March. Marriott lived for ten years in China where she studied painting and traveled through SE Asia. She received a BA from UNC Chapel Hill and a MFA from William Paterson University.

Antoine Arlaud

treasurer and Chief TECHNOLOGY officer

As part of the New York Bee Sanctuary science and research team, Antoine is leading development of a networked device system for monitoring the internal environmental conditions of honey bee hives, along with other data crucial to bee health and behavior.

Chloe byrne

Creative direction

Chloe, as creative co-director, works on the New York Bee Sanctuary visual identity and awareness campaigns. She is an artist, self-proclaimed inventor, and honey enthusiast. Chloe has worked as a designer in many fields such as product, sculptural, and digital design. Chloe discovered a love of bees through her interest in food quality and her pursuit of social entrepreneurship. She is excited to develop creative education programs about the crucial role of pollinators in our lives.

Sofia frias


Sofia Frias is a specialist in operational management and strategic planning. She has worked with NGOS, international organizations, the UN, and national governments to foster democratic systems in post-conflict societies. Through her work, Sofia has cultivated a global network at the headquarters level and in the field across five different continents. She is enthusiastic about promoting the sanctuary's Bee-Certification program to foster a (more) bee-friendly environment.