The Latest Buzz About Bees and Pesticides

CREDIT:  Jim, the Photographer  (CC).

CREDIT: Jim, the Photographer (CC).

There has been a lot of news and science concerning bees and pesticides these past few months. Here's our roundup (sorry, bad joke) of the good, bad, and interesting:

Bee Die-Offs Are Worst Where Pesticide Use Is Heaviest, Mother Jones
Common Pyrethoid Pesticides Render Bees Less Busy, Bee Culture
Bees May Become Addicted to Nicotine-like Pesticides, Guardian
Neonics Might Have Stronger Effects on Wild Bees, Nature
EPA Plans Temporary Pesticide Restrictions While Bees Feed, Bee Culture
A Pesticide Derived from Spider Venom Might Spare Bees, Earth Times

If you know of any stories we might have missed, please add links in the comment section.